Since first timers tend to ask the same questions, we’ve put them to our Pimp Daddies at headquarters to see what they came up with.

Will I get a brand new Autorickshaw?

Answer: Hell No. Teams get professionally refurbished ‘shaws that are as good or better than what the hard working brothers of the subcontinent hustle every day.

Will it always work?

Answer: The good people of the garage and the outstanding professionals of the Challenge assure you that every possible effort has been made to provide teams with excellent vehicles. These vehicles I remind you are 3 wheeled ‘shaws. That means breakin’ and fixin’ is part of the entertainment. In a classy operation like the Autorickshaw Challenge, you’ll have lots of choices. Teams with a pair of hot hands can generally take care of their own business, while more sophisticated players can turn to the on staff maintenance team or the nearest local wrench.

How do we return the Autorickshaw?

Answer: The way you found it! That means any fancy additions, busted parts or other unmentionables need to be fixed, replaced and returned to the original “basic rickshaw” condition. Pimps note: thePimpin ‘ custom services include paint and customization removal in the list price. Now that’s service. But if you decide to push it you can use the deposit to cover any incidentals from repairs to damage.

What constitutes Damage?

Answer: If we came to your house and did _X_ to your car, would you notice? If the answer is yes, it’s probably damage and needs to be repaired. Rickshaws need to be in the pristinepre-race “basic rickshaw” state that they are provided to teams in.

What is the “Basic Rickshaw”?

Answer: A fine example of automotive engineering and elegant simplicity. Of course it could use some prettying up but it’s still a hell of a lot more De-Luxe than what you’ll find actually racing locals through most major streets in India. Here’s the run down:

Do I have to Bring it Back to the Start?

Answer: Already taken care of. Included in the basic participation fee is the cost of returning the rickshaw to the starting point. Who loves you?

OMG! What if my Autorickshaw is stolen?

Answer: It won’t if you look after it proper. But IF it does, you forfeit the entire deposit amount.

What happens if we Break Down?

Answer: Didn’t we get this one already? Yeah. Teams get to test their MacGuyver Skillz, seek the help of the support mechanics on hand or make friends with any local mechanics they can find en route. The ‘shaw is essentially a very simple machine almost designed to break down and even monkeys have been known to get them running again.

Are there any Free Repairs?

Answer: (laughter ends) Uh, we’ll “tighten your cables” but other than that it’s an expense. Nah, don’t get nervous. Each night after the teams have gone to their hotels and parties the on staff mechanics look over the vehicles and do basic maintenance. They’re hard working talented fellas.

What is the Deposit?

Answer: 900 Euros, a bargain no matter how you look at it. Almost all equivalent currencies accepted. You have to be all paid up in order to pick up your ‘shaw and register. Any damage you are responsible for or repairs provided to you en route can be deducted from the deposit or paid for separately. The full or remaining amount is given back to you after the race.

I’d like to see a full and complete list of repairs.

Answer: Of course, Tex. Organizers provide an itemized list. Contact us directly for specific questions and follow up.

Can I pay the vehicle deposit by Credit Card or Check?

Answer: No. For the vehicle deposit we can accept Cash only. Most major currencies are accepted, including Indian Rupees.For the pimping requests you have the opportunity to choose to pay by wire transfer or credit card as well.

Is there Autorickshaw Insurance?

Answer: …Yes. It’s third party insurance that requires an individual claim to be a minimum of $150. Also the damage has to be not your fault, proven and the proper methods followed. This means contacting our support team, who contact the local police and insurance company. Our policy requires you to reimburse us immediately after the event and you are reimbursed whenever the insurance company gets around to cutting the check. Generally this takes several months and you are responsible for all the paperwork.

If you’d like our humble advice the best way to avoid this kind of situation is to: drive carefully, never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and adhere to all rules of the road.

Is there Personal Insurance?

Answer: The rally has only a very minimal group policy. We recommend taking out a comprehensive insurance policy out on yourself and all your belongings for the duration of the race.Wheat grass is also really good for you.

What happens if my stuff gets stolen?

Answer: This is an adventure race. We are not responsible for any of your belongings. But because the truth is that we do care, we make the support vehicle available for carrying your stuff during the daily route. Rickshaw Rally staff are in the vehicle and do their best to look after the baggage.